Test Press René LaVice: Drum and Bass Vol.1

Test Press René LaVice: Drum and Bass Vol.1

René LaVice is a world-renowned Dand;B/Electronic Music Producer who’s award-winning talent has seen him reach superstar status. He has remixed the greats, including The Prodigy, Diplo, and Wu-Tang, to name a few. In addition, he has collaborated with dons such as Liam Howlett (The Prodigy), had music featured on the Hollywood blockbuster movie “Fast and; Furious 9,” and produced pop and alt records as a side project to drum and bass. He continues to tour the world, performing his music on his fast-growing record label, DeVice. Over the years, numerous elements of René’s productions have become a calling card. In addition, his creative and diverse approach has kept him keenly interested in sound design and new forms of composition.

Notes from René:

“I wanted to create a set of sounds that would give producers new ideas and offer them a unique perspective, but also give them tools that are useful in day-to-day production and composing. There are sounds in this pack that are blatantly pretty weird. Hearing them might spur on a musical idea you wouldn’t have otherwise had, and there will be other sounds in here that you will reach for every day the same way you reach for your toothbrush. This pack is in no way a complete set. Think of it as a valuable tool in your arsenal and a source of inspiration, with a uniquely René-inspired twist.”

317 Samples, 21 Presets

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