Aaroh Sarod

Aaroh Sarod

'Sarod' means 'beautiful melody' in the Persian language. The instrument's deep, weighty, introspective sound and resonant quality offers the perfect contrast to the sitar's sweet, overtone-rich texture. The sarod is a fretless instrument that allows the player to slide continuously between notes, a technique important in Indian music known as meend (glissandi). Popular in Hindustani music, the sarod can be played using several different fingering techniques, depending on the player's preferences. 

The sounds in this pack focus primarily on musical arrangements in the traditional, folk, and classical styles, as well some reworked and experimental samples for the modern producer. This pack was produced by Shashank Navaladi, an LA-based sound designer who has composed music for Facebook and Burnett music group, TV shows like Making It (NBC) and Total Knock Out (CBS), and many other projects. 

127 Samples

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