Capsun ProAudio Timeless Classics

Capsun ProAudio Timeless Classics

Capsun ProAudio once again teams up with Arthouse Acoustics to bring you Timeless Classics, where classical and live instrumentation meets modern drill and; trap music. Spacious string arrangements are accompanied by live guitar, brass, and vocal recordings. Re-imagined classical music, cinematic soundtracks, and vintage library music provides instant timeless soul ready for crate digging.

Re-sampled and skewed melodic stacks compliment chopped RnB and Garage style vocals, creating that authentic dark, sample-centric Woo drill sound made popular by NY Drill artists and UK producers. Keeping things fresh, we created a unique experimental drum kit exploring the more leftfield aesthetics of drill-inspired electronic beats. Every sound has been meticulously key tagged and every loop tempo-synced and locked.

249 Samples

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