Sunday Supply Sunday Sessions with Monica Dogra

Sunday Supply Sunday Sessions with Monica Dogra

Soulful Vocals with Monica Dogra blends beautiful, layered vocals with evocative spoken word, introspective guitars, and felt-piano chords to create a dreamy sound palette for down-tempo productions. Monica describes the recording process: “When you record your own sound pack, you are giving yourself the autonomy and sovereignty to represent yourself. You get to seed into so many different people's music, and as a vocalist, that's especially profound.” 

Monica Dogra is a Mumbai-based, American artist who has had a diverse artistic career as a musician, DJ, actor, and writer. Monica blends influences from popular genres such as rock, pop, hip-hop, and soul with evocative spoken word to create a uniquely powerful sound. Monica has released five studio albums with the band Shaa’ir + func, as well as multiple solo releases under her own Moniker with Universal Music and Times Music. She is a member on the judging panel of India's first English music talent show, The Stage and has also hosted four seasons of the Cannes Lion winning music-docu series The Dewarists. 

Additional guitars and production by Carey Clayton, felt piano by Josh Robertson.

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