Test Press Crystal Skies 'Mosaic'

Test Press Crystal Skies 'Mosaic'

Globally renowned for their addictively melodic, bass-heavy fusions of EDM and uniquely infectious dubstep, American producer duo Crystal Skies work without limits to help keep the electronic music scene alive and thriving. Intertwining soulful, accessible vocals with hard-hitting rhythms and multiple layers of synth and instrumentals, for alternative appeal alongside a mainstream edge that keeps on giving, their sound unites the underground with popular music in a timelessly immersive fashion. 

Britian Holcomb and Aaron Dawson make up the Crystal Skies persona, hailing from Louisiana and Philadelphia respectively, delivering intricately crafted originals that stem from clear influence across late night future-bass and EDM alike. As live performers, the duo inject a fearless degree of passion and energy, promising fans an unforgettable night of high-octane, euphoric escapism that connects on a profound level. 

Driving with absolute skill and unwavering emotion alike, Crystal Skies have built up a name worth knowing about. After seven years on the scene, first as solo artists before realizing the strength of two hearts and minds together, their reputation aptly precedes them. Crystal Skies has risen up through the ranks, earning respect from their peers through talent, work ethic and unwavering enthusiasm, sharing stages with some of the biggest names in music, and collaborating with the likes of Micah Martin; for the 2021 single ‘We Got It’. 

Delicately fusing organic layers with finely-tuned electronic production, Crystal Skies offer a hypnotic embrace that’s second to none. The bass-thick weight and contrastingly tuneful addiction of releases like ‘Never Change’ and ‘Collide’ have thus imparted some of the most popular and broadly streamed dance tracks in recent years. From the piano-led appeal of their debut ‘Paradise Lost’, to the ethereal and pop-kissed ‘Gone’ more recently, which impressively features both MitiS and Linney, the Crystal Skies sound promises threads of identity and design united with the absolute creative freedom of an act devoted to making music. 

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