Tribe Caribe Radio Cumbia

Tribe Caribe Radio Cumbia

Radio Cumbia is Tribe Caribe's 4th pack release on Splice. This pack is Tribe Caribe's own rendition of this incredible genre born in Colombia and currently spread across the Americas, from Argentina all the way to New York City! Tempo ranges go from 70bpm to 140bpm.

Percussion is the heart of Cumbia, and we took great care in capturing quintessential instruments such as congas, guira, timbales, cowbell and many more. As for musical instruments, we focused primarily on horns, electric bass, electric guitars and accordion.

Tribe Caribe is inspired in fusion and eclecticism. Cumbia was born in Colombia, Mexico and other Latin American regions. We have taken a leap by adding retro electric guitars and vintage organ sounds. We've recorded in Mexico, Texas, Colombia and Cuba searching for a real unique representation of this bombastic dance style 

This pack offers a wide array of sounds and textures, ideal for any modern production requiring organic elements with a straight-forward musical punch. 

338 Samples

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