Capsun ProAudio Soul Electrified Future Beats

Capsun ProAudio Soul Electrified Future Beats

Soul Electrified: Future Beats fuses the nostalgia of soulful synths, funk influenced guitars and neo-soul chords with futuristic hip-hop beats, dusty electric keys and thick 808 bass. Producer and sound designer El. Train teams with Capsun ProAudio to deliver a forward thinking combination of melodic hip-hop, future RnB and West Coast beats.

Drifting analogue synths and live bass guitar blend smoothly with skippy future beats, effected live foley and saturated sub bass. Guitars drenched in delay and ambient pads create sun soaked songstarters. Discover a full kit of original hip-hop drum hits and loops featuring natural live hi-hats, unquantized rhythms and thick, tape driven kicks and punchy snares.

Brighton born Producer and DJ Luke Nyeke aka El. Train is known for his ability to blend together Hip-Hop, R&B and Electronic beats with a heavy nod to the US West Coast beats scene. One of the UK scene's brightest emerging producers he is making serious waves on both sides of the Atlantic. In the last few years El. Train has released music on labels such as Kitsune, Darker Than Wax and Jakarta Records.

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