Sonic Collective Daf and Kabak Kemane

Sonic Collective Daf and Kabak Kemane

For this sample collection Found Sound Nation teamed up with master daf (frame drum) player, Tarık Aslan, and self-taught luthier and craftsman, Ruşen Can Acet, to create a set of dynamic percussive Daf loops and intoxicating melodies played on one of the oldest Turkish bowed instruments - the kabak kemane. This set of samples was recorded in Istanbul by Tarık and Ruşen and features hand-built instruments made by the performers themselves. 

The daf is a Middle Eastern frame drum found in many cultures and countries, including Turkey, Iran, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, the Balkans among others. Traditionally, the daf has a round wooden frame, metal rings around the inside edges, and is covered with a thin natural skin, giving it a warm and cheerful sound. Kabak kemane is a fretless bowed instrument with a long neck, four metal strings, and a lower bowl-shaped resonating chamber. The instrument, usually tuned like a violin, generates a soulful melancholic sound and is incredibly dynamic and versatile. 

Tarık Aslan is an Istanbul-based percussionist, inspired by his Kurdish heritage to take up the daf drum at a young age. He has toured extensively with numerous renowned ensembles including DefJen, Nusaibin, and recently Grammy-winning world fusion group Snarky Puppy. Tarik is also the founding member of Orta’k’ Doğu, a multifaceted performance group and cultural organization. Ruşen Can Acet began his musical studies from a young age, having been introduced to Turkish folk music by his uncle, a renowned ethnomusicologist and archivist. Ruşen has toured extensively and currently performs with several socially engaged musical ensembles, including Engelsiz Orkestra (The Orchestra without Disabilities) and Ruhi Su Dostlar Korosu (The Friends Choir).

Produced by Found Sound Nation 

Edited and mixed by Chris Botta

369 Samples

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