Splice Originals Norteño

Splice Originals Norteño

Splice Originals offers you the authentic backbone of Norteño music with a rich selection of acordeón, guitarras, trombón, baterias, voces, and bajo. This pack features meticulously crafted sounds to bring the heart and soul of northern Mexico to your creative projects. Immerse your ears in the soul-stirring acordeón melodies and feel the rhythmic pulse of the bajo with expertly recorded strumming and picking patterns.

Norteño music has always been known for its impressive ability to express deep emotions like romance while providing a rhythmic background for singers to tell stories and cultural narratives. To achieve the type of inspiration and sound quality in this collection, we collaborated with Midilatino’s senior project manager, Andres Osorio, Mexican band Popular Mexicana, and guitar player Alejo Angel - a graduate of the prestigious Escuela de Música Fernando Sor. Together, they composed the energetic and emotionally expressive elements of Norteño music found in this pack.

320 Samples

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