LEX Sounds Neon Run: Retrowave Essentials by OST Audio

LEX Sounds Neon Run: Retrowave Essentials by OST Audio

It’s 2052 and you’ve just been given a package that could either save or destroy the world if in the wrong hands. You’ve been tasked with delivering this package to an unknown recipient and you only have 3 hours to make it to the other side of a treacherous hi-tech metropolis. What happens once you deliver the package? That’s for you to discover. But hurry, everyone is in hot pursuit of you to steal that package. What’s the package? Your creative imagination. Who’s trying to steal it? Everyone who suggests you should download uninspiring sounds to your already full hard drives. Inspiration can strike in a moment and be gone in an instance. You need to find the sounds that will inspire your sonic dreams. Enter Neon Run…  

Neon Run: Retrowave Essentials, is the latest pack by Synthwave powerhouse OST Audio. This pack is full of retro stylized sounds influenced by music from the 1980s. This library was created with modern synthwave producers in mind and has all the essentials to create standout tracks. Dive into a world of gated drums, synth arps, heavy basslines, and catchy melodies. The drums in this pack are truly next level and will bring an extra punch to your tracks. Looking for inspiration? Neon Run features a vast array of melodic loops, bass loops, arps, and fx made using various synthesizers. Whether you’re in the mood to create hard hitting retro pop or looking for some dreamy experimental synthwave textures to add to your production this pack has you covered. Download now and chase your sonic destiny. 

189 Samples

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