Zenhiser Fairyland

Zenhiser Fairyland

Understated, underrated and overwhelmingly stylish, ‘Fairyland’ will have you captivated within a minute of listening to the preview. 

We know, that’s a big call, however this sample pack sits in a world of its own. Not trying to replicate a style or fit a specific genre, this pack glides with effortless style utilising live instruments, drums and more. The fusion or analogue organic and synthesised sounds blends so perfectly we get lost in the drums, melodies, basslines and everything in between. To put it simply, this is a harmonic infusion that embodies how amazing electronic music is. We are so blessed to born in a time where music has evolved into an electronic form where anyone and everyone (with the help of this pack) can make exemplary songs from their studio, home, or even on the move with a laptop. 

‘Fairyland’ is one sample pack we believe everyone should try. Whatever your genre, take a break and try something new, this genre defying collection of sounds is currently where it’s at.  

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