AzM Music Mercury Ambient and Cinematic Pack

AzM Music Mercury Ambient and Cinematic Pack

Mercury is an Ambient & Cinematic Sample Pack which contains everything from Vast Soundscapes to Swelling Pads, which you need to produce a professional sounding Ambient & Cinematic Sound Track. It contains over 1.8 GB of sounds which includes Ambient Guitars, Keys, Soundscapes Pads, Pulses, Vocals, Drones, Cinematic Drums, Bass, Elemental Foleys, FXs & Midis. It is the first addition to our Cosmos Sample Pack Series.


Ambient Guitar (19)
Ambient Keys (23)
Ambient Pads (33)
Ambient Pulses (25)
Cinematic Vocals (16)
Cinematic Soundscapes (33)
Cinematic Drones (17)
Cinematic Drums (24)
Elemental Foleys (20)
Elemental Bass (10)
FXs & Space Sounds (36)
Midi (20)

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