Black Octopus Chants and Shouts Volume 2

Black Octopus Chants and Shouts Volume 2

Welcome to the return of Chants and; Shouts, with Volume 2! Inside you’ll find chants in various keys, with catchy phrases such as 

‘Take my soul’ and ‘You can’t hold us back’ to inject emotion and voracity into your tracks. The chants have been masterfully layered for a crowd effect which adds an extra boost to the lyrics and gets the crowd hyped up and bouncing.

These samples will make your drops hit HARD! The chants all have multiple effected versions for added versatility, including Dry, Gated, and Reverb, so you can either use the dry samples as a building block for your own effects and inspiration or just drag and drop your favorite effected version into your productions for instant satisfaction.

There are also bonus Chops, Fallers, Numbers, One-shots, and Risers with effects to add extra catchy ingredients so the crowd can’t help but be caught up in your energy. The loops and samples are kept around 140 bpm for ease to move up or down in tempo, depending on the genre you are working in. 

You’ll soon be shouting praise for this pack to the rooftops, so what are you waiting for? Grab your chants and shouts today!

269 Samples

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