Cult Drum Sounds STACKED

Cult Drum Sounds STACKED

Our first drum sample collection ever features more than 1,200 samples. STACKED places the unbeatable sound and feel of live studio drums recorded with analog equipment in your DAW. Long story short: if you like your kit loud, bombastic, and live, then this library is for you.

We curated STACKED to suit every studio, every artist, and every track. STACKED makes it easy to give your drum tracks an extra studio punch without the hassle and expense of recording your own live drums. As a result, you and your artists can dive in and get creative with the right sounds, right away.

Made by the Masters, For the Creators
We recorded, engineered, and mixed STACKED on our in-house, 24-channel Trident 88 console. Each sample was recorded through our pro lineup of microphones and vintage outboard gear. Then, we crafted each sample to capture a vibey sound unlike any other sample pack.

Enjoy endless possibilities with STACKED, the new standard in curated drum samples.
Use the STACKED library samples on their own or stack them together to enhance your live tracks or digitally programmed beats. STACKED’s Raw Microphone samples offer stripped-back sounds straight off the Trident console to tape, with only a hint of outboard compression and EQ. For a more textured sound, Analog Processed samples feature precision mixing with a variety of FX, overdrive, saturation, and outboard processing.

As an added bonus, STACKED also comes with nearly 100 drum loops in a variety of styles, tempos, and feels. Just like the STACKED samples, these loops are processed through our signature outboard compressors, vintage gear, tubes, and transformers and offer a boost of flexibility, creativity, and variety to your workflow.


Ableton (Sampler Required)
Logic Sampler / Logic EXS24
Kontakt (Full Version Only)
Perfect Drums

14 Different Drum Loops Mixed 7 ways for 98 Loop Files
Kicks: 7 Mics + 4 Analog Processed Sounds
Snares: 6 Mics + 4 Analog Processed Sounds
Rack Toms: 5 Mics + 4 Analog Processed Sounds
Floor Toms: 5 Mics + 4 Analog Processed Sounds

Cymbals (Hats, Crashes, Rides)

1,224 Total Samples
4.64 GB of files
Multiple Velocities per primary sample
4 Round Robins per primary sample
All Samples + Loops are 44.1kHz / 24 Bit .WAV
100% Royalty-Free
Instant Download (Download link sent to your email)
Sample Breakdown: 232 Kicks, 164 Snares, 288 Toms, 540 Cymbals
All purchases eligible for sample library and preset updates

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