Nonjuror Beefy Grit Drum Stash Vol.1

Nonjuror Beefy Grit Drum Stash Vol.1

Over 200 Dirty Dusty Drum Samples from Nonjuror's personal collection.
The same used to make the beats from "Chopsmith Offcuts" beat tape, and from various other beat making videos you can find on the Nonjuror YouTube channel.

All samples were produced using analogue and digital equipment, including the BOSS SP-202 and SP-303, the ROLAND SP-404A, a Teenage Engineering PO-33 K.O! Pocket Operator, various Guitar Pedals and Cassette Tapes, before being run through a Tube Preamp, to add that extra warmth and grit.

Digital Download Specifications

N. 230 samples:
77 Kicks, 71 Snares, 68 Hats, 14 Misc. Percussions
5.3MB WAV 16Bit 44.1kHz Mono
Royalty Free

Compatible with any sampler, sequencer, DAW that handles WAV files.

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