T.D. Samples Tibetan Wind Chimes

T.D. Samples Tibetan Wind Chimes

Through the centuries, Tibetan Buddhists have attached elegantly decorated wind chimes/bells to the exterior of sacred religious structures to attract benevolent spirits. Meticulously recorded to capture every nuance, Tibetan wind chimes sample kit contains stereo WAV files featuring individual 90 second ?performances? from twelve wind chimes, plus a shorter one-shot of each instrument. With their subtle high frequency harmonics, these sounds can be extremely useful for adding colour to cinematic textures/New Age ambiences/World music etc..

This download contains the following :

SPIRIT CHIMES - Soft, ethereal sounding chimes
YAK BELL CHIMES - Miniature yak bells suspended from chains
TANTRA CHIMES - Rich, glass-like tone MOON CHIMES - A delicate and playful muted sound
PRAYER BELL CHIMES - Meditation hand bells with a clear and penetrating note
FINGER CYMBAL CHIMES - The rims of two brass finger cymbals gently tapped together
BAMBOO CHIMES - Two intensities - 'Breeze' and 'Wind'.
PRAYER BOWL CHIMES - A prayer bowl lightly tapped with a finger cymbal
SACRED CHIMES - Long, deep-toned chimes
TREE CHIMES - 18 bars of descending size producing a bright, lively tone
BUDDHA CHIMES - Small, high-pitched meditative chimes
BABY BUDDHA CHIMES - As above with shorter bars

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