Moment droplets, a demotapes moment

Moment droplets, a demotapes moment

demotapes is San Francisco-based producer and artist Parker Livingston. We call him the king of the tiny snare, but you may know him for many things: he is a vessel of inspiration on producer-tok and has released a handful of sample packs, with his indie-pop duo Cassette Tapes as well as under his own imprint “soundblocks.” He is also fresh off the release of his debut EP, “with friends”, all made over a series of discord calls with friends over the last year.

‘droplets’ is the result of hundreds of hours of sound design and composition. “It's no doubt my favorite pack I've ever made,” Parker tells us. A large focus has been put on tonal content, boasting 83 highly detailed song-starters, as well as plentiful tonal textures which serve as pedal tones and ambient drones that layer with just about anything. And of course it wouldn’t be a demotapes pack without his signature microscopic drums, available as hits, fills, and loops.

Sitting bayside, we asked Parker about what ‘droplets’ means to him: “so much of the sound of my samples are influenced by living in San Francisco and being near water. Whether it’s layering foley sounds of the ocean, or making plucky synths that bend and stretch fluidly– those are the sounds that speak to me.”

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