Cryptic Thermocolor (one-shots)

Cryptic Thermocolor (one-shots)

following up on the previously released colors 01 + 02 one-shot kits, thermocolor expands your spectrum of musical colors even further by introducing future-nostalgic sounds, textures and audio fragments - picture & explore multidimensional soundscapes, surreal + organic sonics, binaural accents + harmonics.

use these tones and shades to paint your melodic landscape - processed with various guitar pedals (chase bliss mood mkii, strymon nightsky and more) + digital effects to approach a genre-fluid experience that clears any creative limitation.

imagine the sound of tomorrow through the lens of cryptic’s mind!


22 accents - 42 1shots - 14 basses - 26 harmonics - 59 earcandy
8 risers - 23 textures

*all sounds are 100% royalty free.

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