Tsunami Track Sounds Glitch IDM by MIFFRINO

Tsunami Track Sounds Glitch IDM by MIFFRINO

Tsunami Track Sounds proudly presents Glitch IDM sample pack created by MIFFRINO. Based on a wide range of musical approaches such as Electronica, Techno, Chill Out, Glitch, IDM, he is a field recording specialist. 

Environmental sounds and sampled noises from everyday life are interspersed throughout the music. Using TASCAM recorders, he collects borderless sound interest from trees, water, animals, factories, and the sounds of the city.

With those sounds imported into Ableton Live, he builds up a beat before resampling to a new track. He also uses synthesisers such as Moog MATRIARCH and KORG Minilogue.

MIFFRINO drops the field recordings into a sampler in Ableton Live to create a new sound on his synthesiser. You won't find any other sounds quite like these. They are unique and innovative - professionally recorded, edited, and processed.

Product Details:

BPM 112 - 128
7 Bass Loops
21 Beat Loops
14 Glitch Loops
2 Hat Loops
7 Kick Loops
16 Percussion Loops
21 Synth Loops
87 One Shots
104 Phrase FXs

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