Big Fish Audio Stupid Crush K-Pop

Big Fish Audio Stupid Crush K-Pop

Stupid Crush: K-Pop Construction Kits from Big Fish Audio features 20 kits that focus on the huge disco-pop trends that are dominating the K-Pop charts. Created in the style of artists such as BTS, BIG BANG, TAEYEON, ONEUS, and CIX, these sounds couldn't be any more authentic.

This library was produced by a well-known K-Pop producer who has worked on many major releases including ‘Good Boy' by Taeyang and G-Dragon which now has over 300 million views on YouTube, has sold multiplatinum in over 20 countries, and was listed as Billboards worldwide digital number 1.

If you want a hit, it's here! We didn't cut any corners, there's live recorded bass and guitar, live vocal chops, and live synthesizer performances using iconic gear from Roland, Korg, and Sequential among the other instruments.

All the audio has been processed via SSL outboard gear so that anything you find is radio-ready. Whether you use just a single sound or a whole kit to create something new, you'll love the inspiration to be had in Stupid Crush.

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