Welcome to ANARCHY, the ultimate multi kit for producers looking to break free from the norm and create something truly unique. Custom made by Ferdi, this pack features a diverse range of sounds that can be used for many different genres, including Supertrap, New Jazz, Glo, Lovemusic, and Darkspin.

With 400 files to choose from, ANARCHY offers a wealth of options for producers of all skill levels. The drum kit alone features 60x 808s and bass samples, 15x claps, 33x FX and miscellaneous sounds, 32x hi-hats, 2x kicks, 42x percs and vox, 25x rides and open hats, 15x rims, as well as 42x snares. Plus, you'll get 5x texture samples to add depth and atmosphere to your tracks.

But that's not all. ANARCHY also includes 15 melodic loops and 10 melodic MIDI files, giving you a head start on crafting your beats. You'll also get 25 drum MIDI files and 41 melodic one-shots, allowing you to fully customize your beats and melodies. And to add on top of that, ANARCHY also includes 13 presets and (secret) extras.

So if you're ready to unleash your creativity and create music that breaks all the rules, get ANARCHY today.

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