Sonic Collective Tunisian Kanun

Sonic Collective Tunisian Kanun

Found Sound Nation teams up with Tunisian Kanun prodigy, Hana Boukhris, who brings a sample pack exploring the breadth and limitlessness of an instrument with roots dating back to 1900 BC Mesopotamia. The instrument not only spans centuries of history, but also regions, being played across North & West Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, and Greece. Having learned under the pupillage of the famous Kanun player Göksel Baktagir, Hana shares sounds from an instrument that speaks multiple languages, melodies, and stories.

Nurtured by parents who are both music professors, Hana has taken the stage in national and international concerts and festivals from the age of seven, being honored with the Grand Prize at the Abu Dhabi International Music Competition, placing first at the International Peace Festival in the Arab Gulf Countries and at the Arab Music Festival & Conference in Cairo; as well as reaching the semi finals in Arabs Got Talent, 2011. As an educator, Hana is working to address the lack of teaching materials for her instrument and striving to equalize opportunities for Kanun players in Tunisia. In this sample pack, Hana’s nuanced technique and fierce dedication and love for her instrument and its rich history is preserved.

Produced by Found Sound Nation
Edited and mixed by Christopher Botta
Demo by Marcio Zygmunt, a.k.a Marcioz

309 Samples

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