Gio Israel Armenian Essentials Woodwinds Vol.1

Gio Israel Armenian Essentials Woodwinds Vol.1

The Armenian Essentials series by Gio Israel is dedicated to revealing the hidden sounds of Armenia. Nestled between the Black and Caspian seas, the vast and complex Armenian culture serves as both a bridge between various neighboring regions, while at the same time steadfastly upholding one of the most ancient musical traditions in the world.

The woodwind instruments of Armenia can be dated back thousands of years ago. In this pack we focus on two iconic pipes representing the traditional and more rural parts of the country, the Zurna and Pku. Originally made of animal horns, the Zurna and Pku are often used in ceremonies, celebrations (very common in weddings), and hold a distinguished sound signature, one that is almost cinematic in character.

Played by maestro - Tigran Zakarayn

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