Montage by Splice Sounds Light Refractions Celestial Ambient

Montage by Splice Sounds Light Refractions Celestial Ambient

Drawing inspiration from light and its interplay with refractive surfaces, producer and composer Tristan Arp recorded two 10-minute improvisations for modular synthesizer and electric guitar, from which he derived the ambient sound design collection, Light Refractions. Generative sequences slowly evolve like sun cast through blinds and guitar swells radiate a gentle glow.

Embracing probabilistic approaches on the modular side while utilizing a deliberate approach to volume swells with the electric guitar, Tristan Arp explores a balance between chance and intention. Abstracted beyond recognition, the guitar generates unexpected sonic forms in Arp’s hands, while the modular synth takes on a life of its own, sending cascades of tubular bells and tone clusters across the frequency spectrum.

Tristan Arp is a multimedia artist and producer born in a suburb of Detroit and currently based in Mexico City. His music playfully blends the framework of left field club and ambient music with adventurous sound design, asymmetrical rhythms, and pointillistic micro-percussion. Arp’s debut solo album Sculpturegardening was released October 2021 on the UK label Wisdom Teeth accompanied by a multi-channel sound installation in a Mexico City sculpture garden. He is also the cofounder of the label Human Pitch and a member of Asa Tone, a collaboration with Indonesian-American artist Melati Malay and Australian producer Kaazi.

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