Splice Originals Water

Get wet with this extensive collection of drips, splashes, plunges, and pours. We recorded this Splice Originals session in the studio and in the field. With a stereo hydrophone and an XY pair of Beyerdynamic MC930s, we meticulously captured countless permutations of water sounds in containers of varying sizes and materials. We then ventured outdoors with our field recorder and hydrophone to capture more plunges and splashes in a swimming pool, as well as ambiences of rain, creek, river, and sea.

Using these sounds, we constructed a set of Beatmaker kits to get you up and running quickly in your sessions. We also included a set of Astra presets to complement your productions with one-shot chords, notes, and audio + MIDI loops inspired by French impressionist composers Debussy and Ravel, Japanese environmental composer Hiroshi Yoshimura, avant-garde composer William Basinski, and '90s R&B artists SWV and TLC. We hope you’ll use these sounds to expand the palette of your drum kit, create accent FX, or compose a score for those deep underwater dreams.

261 Samples
42 Presets

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