Industrial Strength Clap Utility

Industrial Strength Clap Utility

'Clap Utility' by Industrial Strength provides a vast collection of clap loops, hand crafted and made from the ground up for multiple music styles.

With this pack you get clap snares, tight claps, reverb claps, dirty claps, sharp claps, click claps, gated claps, drum machine claps, distorted claps, layered claps, synth claps, white and pink noise claps, electro claps, clap effects, percussion claps and more.

It's the mother of all clap packs. All the loops are set to 126 BPM, so they can be stitched together very easily and with great results.

This pack includes loads of variations. Each loop was made with its own groove. Each clap in the loop is different from the clap before and after it. 'Clap Utility' is an essential tool for music production and remixing. If you're looking for the ultimate collection of clap loops with real attitude, texture and loads of dope grooves, then there is no other choice.

Product Details:

14 Analog Kick Loops
79 Clap Crunches
40 Clap Loops
40 Electric Claps
78 Hard Claps
126 Perc Claps
18 Fat Claps
35 Sharp Claps
75 Synth Claps
30 Tick Claps
90 Tight Claps
75 Verb Claps
Tempo Labelled
126 BPM
100% Royalty-Free

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