Sonic Collective Kobyz w/ Tokzhan Karatai

Sonic Collective Kobyz w/ Tokzhan Karatai

Kobyz is a traditional Kazakh instrument with roots in shamanic culture. Made of wood and camel skin with horsetail strings, its unique timbre can imitate the human voice, wind, water, and animal calls. Played here by Tokzhan Karatai and recorded in Ankara, this sample pack is mainly based on the traditional pieces of Kazakh culture, with the kobyz imitating totem animals like horses and swans.

Tokzhan Karatai is a composer and musician from Kazakhstan, dedicated to the preservation and innovation of traditional kobyz through performance and education. Tokzhan marries her extensive study of folk with her passion for experimental classical music, continuously seeking to reconcile cultural differences through her compositions.

Produced by Found Sound Nation

Edited and Mixed by Christopher Botta

Demo by Marcio Zygmunt, a.k.a Marcioz

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