ProducerGrind DUALITY Premium Drum Kit

ProducerGrind DUALITY Premium Drum Kit

DUALITY gives you industry-leading drums to produce modern music for any hip hop genre. These are NOT standard & recycled trap drum sounds! Since High Class, our drum designers have only gotten better while continuing to study drum techniques of industry producers such as Boi 1da, Hit-Boy, Eestbound, and Metro Boomin.

Trust your drum sound selection while using DUALITY and stop spending hours searching through folders of outdated and poorly mixed sounds. These are the freshest transients from Team ProducerGrind leading into 2023, and we're personally counting on it to do the heavy lifting in all our productions this year.


35 Thicc 808s and Thumpy Kicks [Your Perfect Low End]
85 Fresh Percussion, Cymbals, and Hihats [Open + Closed]
50 Usable Snares and Claps that Fit Perfectly In Your Mix
70 Drum Loops + FX [Percs, Fills, Transitions, Various FX]

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