MSXII Sound Design Drums From The Bungalow Vol.2

MSXII Sound Design Drums From The Bungalow Vol.2

MSXII Sound Design is proud to present Drums from the Bungalow Vol. 2! The second installment of those incredible drums built from a '67 Ludwig Drum set and the most vintage, high-end gear you'll find. DFTB Vol. 2 features a collection of some of the best material from a recent session we had at the Bungalow 9. All new & unique one-shots, slamming kicks, snappy snares, crispy textured cymbals and much more.

Gear used includes:
AMEK Angela Blue 28x24x2, MCI JH 16 - 2" 16 track w/quior, transformers, autolocator III, Ampex ATR 102 Stereo mastering deck 1/4 w/Walting Bear Audio mods, Neve 1272/modded by JLM audio to 1290's, API 3124 4 channel, Chandler TG2, Pultec Eqp 1s, Chandler RS124 x (2) stepped pair, Urei 1176 rev f, Coles 4038 ribbon, Neumann U87 (70's), Sony C-37A tube, Beyer 201, and so much more!

Kit Features:

59 brand new original MSXII drums recorded on the most fantastic gear vintage in .wav format
No fluff or filler sounds. All dopeness only.
Beefed up with analog synthesis & sound design for max texture/character
Expertly processed for immediate inspiration and usability
Sound designed by the most trusted brand in the field, MSXII
Compatible with all DAWs, samplers, programs, & iOS apps that accept .wav format

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