Epic Stock Media Trailer Force

Epic Stock Media Trailer Force

An intense and powerful collection of highly sought after cinematic trailer sound effects. Welcome in, Trailer Force, a specialized boutique movie trailer sound effects library tool kit filled with all the essentials. Designed to add industry standard brute sonic force to your mixes and strikes big cinematic energy within your productions. Inside you'll hear beefy trailer hits, rising whooshes, punchy impacts, eerie tension drones, a vibrance of textures and aesthetics, all layered to perfection. Create compelling motion graphics, cinematic cutscenes, FX, trailers and epic audio dynamics.

Movie Trailer Sound Effects For Sonic Expression:
With a focus on hybrid and classic film trailer sound design, Trailer Force, blends both styles by combining the two to create a truly unique overall sonic character heard throughout the sound pack. Trailer Force quickly becomes a go to addition to your audio arsenal when working in post production because you get so many stock and solid assets that are versatile in many situations. Inside you'll find and hear passionately hand crafted, rich & signature samples laced with modern day trailer sounding feels.

UCS Compliant & Soundminer Metadata:
All sound effects labeling is UCS compliant & is organized into categories to make it easier to navigate with understandable folder structures: Accents, Benders, Booms, Braams, Drones, Hits, Loops, Risers, Signals, Transitions, and Whooshes. On top of UCS, Trailer Force features extensive metadata embedded in the files using soundminer metadata to help you find the right sound at the right time.

Product details:

564 movie trailer sound effects
2.42 GB of cinematic trailer audio samples
All in 96k 24bit .wav
Includes embedded Soundminer metadata
UCS Compliant
1 hour & 9 minutes of audio
44 accents, pings, tonals
46 benders, bass dives, drops
23 booms, LFE sub, low hits
30 braams, blasts and flavors
36 drones
144 hits, impacts, slams
33 loops - pulses, clocks, ticks
26 risers in a variety of aesthetics
59 signals - sci-fi, computer, glitch, radio imaging sfx
65 transitions - massive, passby, rising, swells, industrial
58 whoosh, swoosh
All sound effects are Youtube friendly & royalty free
RTU-OTB (Ready to be used out of the box)

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