Creator Class Apocalyptic City

Creator Class Apocalyptic City

The Apocalyptic sounds came primarily from field recordings made in New York City, Berlin and Jerusalem with a phone and a field recorder. Most of the processing was done combining in the box processing, Eurorack modules, guitar pedals and open source software. In it you will find a combination of percussion, lush pads, field recordings layered with synth lines, progressions and haunting soundscapes. Invasion​.

The air in the city is still. The moon is full with a thick layer of fog overhead. You wake to the whirring of planes, birds screeching as they escape the flight path. Something feels very wrong. Where is the moonlight? You get out of bed and open your window, and turn your head slowly to the sky. Looming overhead is an ominous dark orb. Who are these invaders? War. The streets below grow louder and more chaotic - babies crying, sirens wailing, people running every which way, some with all of their belongings in their arms. Then the explosions begin. A fire starts across the street.

You must escape. You run down the crooked stairway, adrenaline pumping through your veins, to join the battle raging on the streets of your city. Death. You wake up to the sounds of water rushing, and a putrid smell. You’re in the sewer system. You must have blacked out...the last thing you can recall is an inhuman creature breathing in your face. You lift your head, and start crawling forward, until you find a group huddled in a small pool of light coming from a hole above. Survivors. Everyone and everything else is gone, they say. Acceptance. The silence from above has lasted long enough. You and your group agree to cautiously return to the streets above. The city is in shambles. Everything you’ve ever known, destroyed. Embers of playgrounds, buildings, streetlights are at the end of their burn. You and your group pick your heads up, and begin to walk. You must find a place to start anew.

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