JSewell Harakiri Drill Collection

JSewell Harakiri Drill Collection

Your new favourite Drill Kit. A total of 200+ High quality WAV files, Including:

UNIQUE 808s - Over 30+ 808s with FL Studio Mixer Presets included so you can get right to the music.

OVER 30+ MIDI FILES AND LOOPS - 808 MIDI, Hi-Hat MIDI, Kick MIDI Percussion Loops, Drum fills and 808 fills to speed up your creative process and keep you in flow state.

BONUS MELODIES - 20 Dark, Haunting Bonus Melodies to throw your new Drum sounds on

What's in the kit?

20x High Quality WAV Samples
30x 808s
30x 808 Presets
15x Grime 808s
1x Grime 808 Preset
15x 808 MIDI
20x Countersnares
15x Countersnare MIDI
5x Hi Hats
5x Basses
7x Kicks
4x Kick MIDI
6x Claps
14x Snares
16x Percs
13x Perc Loops
15x Drum Fills
10x Risers
6x FX
12x VOX
25x Clean Accapellas
3x FLPs
5x Arrangement Templates

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