AYN Sounds All You Need Vol.1 (Multi-Kit)

AYN Sounds All You Need Vol.1 (Multi-Kit)

All You Need Vol. 1 is a multi-kit containing over 500 sounds created and designed specifically for Producers.

This Sample Pack features all of the tools Producers need including one-shots and expansion banks to create and add effects to your melodies.

There is a drum kit featuring 150 drum sounds to make beats. The Sample Pack also includes 100+ sounds to make your own samples including percussion loops, melodic phrases using live instruments, textures and vocal loops.

Sample Pack Features:

20 Full Compositions
40 Phrases (Flutes, Guitar Licks, Strings, Vocals)
223 One-Shots (Bass, FX, Noise & Textures, Perc Loops, Runs, Synths)
20 Effect Rack Presets (Requires Sound Toys Effect Rack)
20 Analog Lab Presets (Requires Arturia Analog Lab)

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