Kore-G Separate Ways Sample Pack

Kore-G Separate Ways Sample Pack

This contains edited and rendered out samples used in my remix of Separate Ways to create an entire sample pack ready to be used for your productions.

It includes multi-sample basses/layers, drums, bass/growl shots, psy sound design, fx risers/sweeps, and entire stems for the demo track heard. It also contains archived sounds from earlier versions that were created in the production process.


15 Drum Samples (loops & one shots)
7 Bass/Layer Multi-Samples
7 Bass Shots
14 Growl Shots
3 Synth Shots
20 FX Samples
58 Full track stems (heard in the demo track)

Additional Bonus Samples

Note: This pack includes sounds designed for Separate Ways (Kore-G Remix). While this includes many sounds used from the remix it does not include all samples used. It does NOT include any samples or composition from the original track. Do not buy this pack expecting the vocals, melodies or instrumentals from Separate Ways by Journey.

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