Industrial Strength Pharmaceutical Movie Clips

Industrial Strength Pharmaceutical Movie Clips

'Pharmaceutical Movie Clips' by Industrial Strength is a pack geared up for Drum-n-Bass, Acid Techno, Acid House, Techno, House, Breaks, Hard Techno, Hip Hop, Rock Music, Cross breed, Industrial, Horror and Hardcore.

This pack is based on weird stuff including loads of creepy Medical Machines, Lo-fi Noises, Huge Laser Light System and a huge bonus folder loaded with samples from other packs. 'Pharmaceutical Movie Clips' offers 1.34 GB of pure 24 Bit Audio. There is no telling what you can come up with.

Product Details:

113 Bonus Audio
24 Class A
20 Freak Outs
35 Party Time
95 Just Say No
10 Laser System
67 LSD
104 Marijuana
12 ICU
46 Various Med samples
25 Pharmaceutical

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