Beat Batter Drums After Dark

Beat Batter Drums After Dark

Drums After Dark is a collection of 266 original drum sounds and loops influenced by the retro drum machine era of the 80’s fused with today’s modern music. Whether its Kung Fu slaps tracked from VHS tape to create unique snares or exotic percussion loops recorded through 90’s cassette tape multitracks, each oneshot and loop was crafted with the intention to break the average formula and push creative boundaries. State of the art gear was used to finish off the kit giving every sound its own unique character and saturation. This kit is a great addition for every music producer’s toolbox. - Beat Batter

41 Drum Loops
45 Percussion Loops

30 Kicks
35 Snares
15 Claps
10 Rimshots
35 Percussion
21 Hi Hats
12 Drum Fills
10 Vox
12 Fx

All sounds are royalty free. All sounds are original.

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