GameDev Market 8 Bit Adventure Music Pack

GameDev Market 8 Bit Adventure Music Pack

This music pack contains 12 loopable tracks and over 11 minutes of authentic 8-bit music, designed for RPGs, Platformers, and everything in between! It covers a wide range of moods and styles, making it perfect for retro/pixel art games and anything that needs a great classic chiptune sound!

TRACKLIST (.WAV, 44.1kHz, 16-bit)

A Creature in the Wild! (LOOP) [1:04]
An Unlikely Hero (LOOP) [0:29]
Blasting Through the Sky (LOOP) [1:32]
Chaos Powerhouse (LOOP) [1:20]
Exploring the Depths (LOOP) [0:40]
Feel-Good Victory (LOOP) [1:07]
Feeling Lucky! (LOOP) [0:57]
Happy Quest (LOOP) [1:37]
Let’s Go Underwater! (LOOP) [0:32]
Mysterious Cave (LOOP) [1:28]
New Destinations (LOOP) [0:20]
Quirky Companion (LOOP) [0:32]

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