House Of Loop Samplelife Pounding Techno

House Of Loop Samplelife Pounding Techno

'Samplelife: Pounding Techno' by House of Loop features 40 top loops, as well as 25 percussive loops, and a huge collection of one-shots to help you cover virtually all rhythm possibilities.

In addition to that, there are 15 drone loops, which are perfect for building a textural backbone to fill up space and create a more cinematic listening experience overall.

Every sound featured in this sample pack is masterfully produced and processed to perfection, but not so overly processed that it won't leave you any wiggle room to make it your own!

These sounds are ready to just drop in and call it a day, but you can also spend more time manipulating them and truly modify their imprint if you so desire.

Product Details:

40 Top Loops 140 BPM
20 Kick Bass Loops 140 BPM
25 Perc Loop 140 BPM
25 Bass Loops 140 BPM
9 Bass Lead Loops 140 BPM
15 Bass Rumble Loops 140 BPM
10 Chord Loops 140 BPM
30 Arp Lops 140 BPM
15 Drones Loops 140 BPM
5 Pad Loops 140 BPM
25 Synth Loops 140 BPM
10 Noise Loops
10 Ride Loops 140 BPM
9 Impact EFX
15 Riser EFX
30 EFX
10 Chord Shots
20 Kick Shots
25 Hat Shots
10 Clap Shots
10 Perc Shots

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