Kits Kreme Chill Beats

Kits Kreme Chill Beats

The 'Chill Beats' sample pack is filled with relaxing & chilled samples. We've included grooving bass loops, cozy drum loops, electric & acoustic guitar loops, detuned pianos and much more to inspire chilled beats.

All instrument loops have been lightly processed leaving you with the creative freedom to flip, chop, and process to your liking.

In its entirety, 'Chill Beats' features 9 beats that have been broken down into stem-loops.

Product Details:

75 Total Loops
8 Bass Guitar Loops
2 Brass & Woodwind Loops
34 Drum Loops
7 Electric Guitar Loops
2 Acoustic Guitar Loops
5 Electric Piano Loops
7 Piano Loops
9 Songstarters
1 String Loops

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