Phil Speiser 808 MULTISAMPLES

Phil Speiser 808 MULTISAMPLES

Stop pitching your 808's! Your records deserve a pro-level low end
Let's say you made this awesome melody in the Key of G and now you want to add a 808. You browse through your 808's and find one with the perfect vibe BUT the sample is in C. What now?

In order to make the bass fit to your melody you have to pitch the 808 SEVEN! semitones up. What do you think happens to the sample when you transpose it that much?
Right - it most likely sounds sh*t. To solve this problem I created this pack.

You'll get 10 different 808's crafted in every single note of the scale. Now you don't have to compromise anymore. Just pick a 808 and drag + drop the right one(s) for the key you're in, into your project. It's that simple.

- Browse through the different 808's and pick a style
- Drag the note(s) fitting your melodies on an empty audio track
- Put the 808(s) in place and blow your speakers

160 High Resolution WAV Files
100% Royalty Free
Allowed for Commercial Use

10 808's in 16 different pitches each
Covering the full range from Hard-Hitting Hiphop to Clean Pop
All sounds are individually designed and processed

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