91Vocals Pure Silk Vocal RnB

91Vocals Pure Silk Vocal RnB

Pure Silk Vocal RnB blends the essence of silky RnB with contemporary vocals and augmented sound design. Showcasing the unique talents of singer and songwriter Amira complemented by the signature melodies, creative vision, and smooth chord progressions of producer Nosa Apollo. Discover glowing songstarters, textured melodic layers, serene pianos, and warped synths.

As always, we utilised an all-analog recording chain and high-end hardware to capture Amira’s performance in studio. Standout moments were mixed and processed, transformed, and manipulated to create a full collection of vocal hooks, adlibs, ambient loops, one-shots, and ear candy vocal layers.

Nosa Apollo is known as one of the most in-demand sample creators worldwide. He has established himself as a go-to RnB producer in the UK, pushing forward the London RnB sound with artists like Mnelia, Liét, and Lotto Ash. He has produced and written songs for the likes of Craig David, Little Mix, Ella Mai, Masego, Jords, Jvck James, Oxlade, and others.

Please note, this is a vocal and melodic pack only. Drums and fx used in the demo track are for demo purposes only.

26 Vocal Hooks (Wet & Dry)
22 Processed Vocal Loops
17 Ambient Vocal Loops
19 Vocal One Shots
3 Dry Vocal Adlibs

Melodic Loops
45 Songstarters
6 Resampled Songstarters
12 Piano & Keys Loops
14 Resampled Melodic Loops
14 Synth Loops
4 808 & Bass Loops

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