Capsun ProAudio Euro Drill

Capsun ProAudio Euro Drill

EURO DRILL showcases sound and evolution of continental drill. The past year has seen the London based genre cross-pollinate with a slew of local European scenes including Germany, Italy and France, all producing beats with the traditional UK Drill sound: snakey hi-hats, murky textured melody loops and huge, gliding 808 subs. Julez Jadon & SVRN are at the forefront of European Drill and the once again team up with Capsun ProAudio, delivering their signature hard hitting drum sauce, moody melodics and unique sound design.

This kit is stacked with ghosty melodies, filtered soundscapes, half-time motifs, reversed pads and gliding 808s. Crisp metallic snares and hi-hats roll over saturated kicks and essential percussion hits. Every loop has been meticulously key tagged and tempo-synced.

Julez Jadon & SVRN are highly regarded producers based out of Frankfurt, Germany who utilise field recordings, live recording and a creative sampling approach.

106 one shots
100 loops

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