Smokey Loops Foley Essentials

Smokey Loops Foley Essentials

'Foley Essentials' by Smokey Loops is a collection of Foley textures for your productions. Inside, you will find a set of Balloons, Bottles, Coins, Doors, Toilets, Cameras and many more.

Craft your scenes with these FX to bring your production scenes to the forefront. You can use all sounds 100% Royalty-Free in movies, games, apps and software.

Product Details:

9 Balloons
5 Bells
12 Bottles
21 Buttons
7 Cameras
10 Coins
6 Dice Rolls
11 Doors
5 Papers
10 Spray
10 Swords
7 Toilets
5 Windows
8 Woods
100% Royalty-Free

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