Epic Stock Media AAA Game Character Dwarf

Epic Stock Media AAA Game Character Dwarf

'AAA Game Character: Dwarf' invites you to grab your boom boom stick as an infamous subterranean fantasy character emerges. This product shows off rich dwarven voice over sayings, dialogue, vocalisations and more.

It includes over 470 scripted custom lines, battle cries, fight vocals and everything you need to build a compelling war mongering, drunken beard wearing, protagonist dwarf character in your next game.

Dive in and create interactive dialogue between characters and fantasy filled in-game audio experiences for your audience. Inspired by hit games like Starcraft and World of Warcraft, 'AAA Game Character: Dwarf' ensures you have thought-provoking dialogue to incite and inspire and a big game title sound.

'AAA Game Character: Dwarf' gives you a bank of epic fantasy humanoid vocals, dialogue and immersive game audio to implement into your next epic fantasy adventure production.

Product Details:

476 Dwarf Dialogue Audio Files
539.6 MB
96kHz/24-Bit WAV
18 Battle Cries & Sayings
3 Breathing Paces
17 Hacking Coughs
13 Crying Vocalisations
160 Interactive Scripted Dialogue Files
28 Fighting Vocals
32 Jumping Vocals
18 Laughs, Chuckles, Hearty & Explosive
24 Pain Vocals
163 Dialogue Lines

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