Nonjuror SP-202 Lo-Fi Chopped Breaks Vol.2

Nonjuror SP-202 Lo-Fi Chopped Breaks Vol.2

A collection of drum breaks sampled from vinyl and chopped into gritty lo-fi kits. Sampled with the Boss SP-202 Dr Sample at various sample rates then chopped and EQ'd on the Boss SP-303. From the machine these are run through a PreSonus BlueTube DP v2 tube preamp to make them extra crispy.

Each of the drum kits have multiple variations of their kicks, snares and hats.

Pack contains 10 Lo-Fi Breaks chopped into:
⦁ 58 Kicks
⦁ 56 Snares / Rimshots
⦁ 35 Hats
⦁ 9 Toms

Total of 158 samples.

Boss SP-202 Sample Rates:
⦁ Hi-Fi: 31.25 kHz
⦁ Standard: 15.63 kHz
⦁ Lo-Fi 1: 7.81 kHz
⦁ Lo-Fi 2: 3.91 kHz

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