Kount's Memory Bank Drum Pack 3

Kount's Memory Bank Drum Pack 3

Memory Bank 3 is the latest kit in a unique series drawn from the veritable museum of vintage gear collected at time capsule studio Marquee Sound—60s and 70s drums captured by classic recording hardware and propelled into the future with modern mixing techniques.

The triumphant return of the most versatile drum kit in The Kount’s arsenal.

When it comes to drum selection, no compromises can be made.

The pack contains:

40 Drum Breaks
22 Fills
15 Cymbals
34 Hihats
11 Kicks
13 Miscellaneous Fx/Loops
13 Percs
28 Snares
31 Toms
6 Hihat Loops

Gear list:

So whether you’re producing soul, funk, hip hop, or anything in between, Memory Bank 3 will deliver drums with the warmth and quality your creations deserve.

Kount’s Memory Bank Drum Pack 3: The authority in soulful drums

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