Splice Originals Night Zone Synthwave

Splice Originals Night Zone Synthwave

Like a John Carpenter soundtrack on steroids, NIGHT ZONE packs in the retro-futurist sounds of synthwave. Pulsing synths that glow, arpeggiated basslines that rumble, and reverberated drums that shake the room are just some of the sounds that make up a pack both cinematic and danceable.

Sam O.B. returns with his fourth Splice Originals release to fuse a collection of analog and digital synthesizers and drum machines into a singular vision. Using a keen sense of harmony and rhythm, he’s able to use these robotic sources to create sounds that conjure warm and powerful human emotions. If you’re looking to make music to soundtrack your next nighttime drive through a metropolitan landscape, NIGHT ZONE will deliver everything you need.

105 one shots
170 loops
4 presets

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