System 6 Samples 100 Modular Backgrounds and Musical Ideas

System 6 Samples 100 Modular Backgrounds and Musical Ideas

'100 Modular Backgrounds and Musical Ideas' by System 6 Samples is a versatile collection of 24-Bit, 125 BPM, modular loops suitable for many styles of Electronic music.

These loops are perfect for stacking and layering together with drum hits for a full groove, or pull the volume down low and let them sit behind your drums to add character, or resample them or chop and slice them - the choice is yours. Created with the latest in Modular technology including Mutable Instruments Plaits, Intellijel Plonk, Erica Fusion VCO, Tiptop drum modules, Squarp Hermod, and a model D.

Inside you will find everything from dust, noise, grit and analogue percussion with layered hats to synth movements, breakdown ideas, and musical riffs.

The S6S team has used just two additional loops for the demo (included within) - one kick drum and a full drum loop from their pack 'Tuff Gruv Tech House Volume 4'. The demo showcases the flexibility of the pack with nearly endless combinations once stacked and layered.

Product Details:

24-Bit WAV files
54 Background Loops
25 Synth Loops
11 Noise Loops
8 Layered Loops
2 Music Loops

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