Madd Maks Astral

Madd Maks Astral

160 + High quality Drum Samples. Large Variety of drums to chose from. All sounds very high quality, leading to better Beats/Mixes
30+ .wav Loop files created from scratch by @madd.maks + @c13rvo, aswell as other producers in the style of Lil Uzi Vert, Hyperpop, Ken Carson, etc.

20+ Royalty Free midis (unless u get major placements)
35+ Oneshots in Mini Oneshot kit. all good sounds extracted from our favorite synths and plugins

This is a must have Stash Kit. The best Stash Kit out to date. We worked on this kit for hours so I hope yall continue to show love by supporting me and my work. thank you all!
- Maks

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