ProducerGrind BLACK MARKET Premium Drum Kit

ProducerGrind BLACK MARKET Premium Drum Kit

Continue at your own risk. We cooked up a drum kit of dangerous proportions. These trap drum shots are meant only for the most badass of beatmakers. As soon as you put these to use, expect the feds to come knocking

Jokes aside, these really are some fantastic drums. We designed BLACK MARKET for anyone wanting to create trap bangers with modern drums. The 808s are tuned, the drums slap, and the expectations are high for any beat made with these.


23 Restricted 808s and Kicks [ Tuned ]
21 Illegal Snares and Claps [ Like Bullets ]
23 Detained Hihats and Cymbals [ Keep Moving ]
20 Imported Percussion [ These Are Like Contraband ]
Accurate Key Labels for Quick Workflow

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